Pet Damage

Our pets become a member of the family. However, despite how close they become they sometimes create problems by destroying your carpet. Pet damage does not require you to replace your flooring! In most cases the damage is repairable. Take a look below to see some of the pet damage that we have come across in our client’s houses.

We are routinely approached by home owners with concerns about the cost to repair pet damage.  Our team assures them that it is much less than replacing the whole area with new carpet.  Not only is it less expensive but also much quicker.  As with all repairs, the cost is dependent upon the amount of damage.  The best way to repair this type of carpet issue is to replace the area with another piece.  This permanent replacement works best when there is spare carpet available.  In many cases the original builder or last carpet installer had leftover carpet which is usually left in the garage or attic.  If your home does not have any leftover carpet available do not panic.  Our technicians have alternatives that can and will work well for you and your family.  Call Memphis Carpet repair today for a free phone estimate..