Carpet stretching is an integral part of installation and re-installation. A lot of our clients ask how or why does their carpet buckle and form wrinkles. For that scenario there are several answers but the most common reason for a carpet needing to be re-stretched is poor installation. When carpet is initially installed loosely then its natural reaction over time coupled with years of furniture moving is to buckle. Some other less common reasons include things like allowing your homes temperature to exceed 85 degrees inside. This may happen if you rent your house and it sits vacant for a time with the AC turned off or set too high. The same is true of course when homes are for sale or are left in a similar condition. Another common reason is making the mistake of moving heavy furniture across the carpet. Irrespective of how it buckled one thing will always be true, it is unsightly, creates a tripping hazard and if left ignored for very long the issue will only get worse.  After time you will notice that not only are the wrinkles getting larger but they are also darker from getting dirty. When you notice buckles start to form or even if you’ve been glaring at that thing for months just remember, the professionals at Memphis Carpet Repair can re-stretch your carpet quickly and return it to its original look..