Germantown, Tn Pet Damage Repair

Memphis Carpet Repair & Cleaning was called out to Germantown, Tn to repair an area of carpet that was chewed up by the family dog.  The repair came out great, like it never happened.  

Cordova Carpet Pet Damage Repair

The tenant of this apartment was house sitting a dog and while he stepped out for a few minutes the dog got stuck in the bathroom and tried to dig her way out.  It didn’t take very long for the dog to dig through the carpet and pad.  The tenant found Memphis...

Arlington, Tn Pet Damage Repair

The carpet at this homeowners entryway was chewed up by their pet dog.  One call to Memphis Carpet Repair and we got it repaired like it never happened.

Carpet Pet Damage Repair

Memphis Carpet Repair was called out to this apartment to repair some damage to the carpet caused by the tenant’s pet.  They were afraid that it couldn’t be repaired but we fixed the problem like it never happened.  

Collierville, Tn Carpet Water Damage Repair

This homeowner had a pin hole leak in one of their pipes and flooded their master bedroom.  They had someone come out to dry out the room but needed someone to replace the padding and re-stretch the carpet in the room.  They found Memphis Carpet Repair on...