Carpet Re-Stretch in Lakeland, Tn

Memphis Carpet Repair was called out to this customers home in Lakeland, Tn to re-stretch the carpet in the living and dining rooms.  Another home fell victim to poor carpet installation.  The homeowners were getting ready to have a wedding and wanting their carpets...

Bartlett, Tn Carpet Installation

This homeowner had used Memphis Carpet Repair to stretch the carpet in his upstairs rooms.  When it came time to replace the carpet in a couple rooms downstairs, he wanted it done right so he called us to do the job.

Collierville Game Room Carpet Re-Stretch

Memphis Carpet Repair was called out to Collierville to re-stretch this customers game room above his garage.  Poor installation caused the carpet to create a large ripple right down the room.  Now that it’s on the market for sale, the carpet was an eye sore for...

Doorway Carpet Stretch in Bartlett

This customer was referred to Memphis Carpet Repair by another cleaning company that we network with.  They needed job done quick on short notice.  We were able to accommodate their schedule and get the job done before the cleaners came.

Memphis Carpet Stretch & Clean

This was another homeowner who opted to go with our low moisture cleaning process versus a traditional steam clean.  The carpet came out great and was dry before we left.